To Rent or Buy? – That is the Question

rent or buy a tent

Enter a corporate client in the service industry. They are considering purchasing a tent for their event space and intend to erect the tent when their clients’ needs for rain cover arise on a per-event basis. The space is a large tarmac open ground. Firstly, they host various sized groups of people, which would call…

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The ultimate tent buying guide

stretch tent

Things need to be considered before buying a bedouin stretch tent Interior space and dimensions Interior space is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a tent. It you buy a tent that’s too small, it means that your space will be limited and everyone will be miserable due to lack of…

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Mistakes people make when purchasing tents

Branded Tent

Having an event outdoors allows your guests to experience the beauty and tranquility that only nature can provide. But nothing is worse than being stuck outdoors and nature decides to throw a temper tantrum. Any event or activity that is held outside has to consider if the weather is not going to be perfect and…

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