BB Tents offers custom made tents in a range of different colours, suitable for permanent, semi-permanent and temporary installations. We can make a tent for you that can try to blend into the scenery of your event or venue or stand out and offer a pop of color that the venue might be missing. They will provide coverage from most nature-based inconveniences including rain cover, shade, and shelter from the elements. Our long-term industry experience ensures that your custom designed permanent tent will remain standing for as long as you need it. When we install your custom tent, you get to provide the beauty of the outdoors while offering shade, waterproofing and a cool place to stand. BB Tents have developed tent branding solutions which will capture the attention of your target market. Your customers or guests don’t have to worry about which tent they need to gravitate to when we can put your logo or image on the tent. With BB Tents custom designs, you won’t have to compromise on quality or creativity. We want you to invest in us and yourselves by creating and implementing the best tent for your needs.


Our team of professional estimators are able to visit your location, take measurements and give expert advice on the manufacturing and installation of your custom made tent. We will consider all required aspects of the project in order to complete the installation in line with structural engineering principles. Permanent tent fabrics have a minimum 2 year manufacturer warranty. Our tents are installed with 1 year workmanship guarantee. We recommend that every permanent tent we install is taken down yearly for cleaning and maintenance to ensure the longevity of our product.


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