In history, Bedouins (nomadic tribes of the Arab desert) traditionally shunned permanent settlements, preferring portable shelters that allowed them the flexibility that their pastoral way of life required. These nomadic tribes relied on being able to move swiftly and efficiently given the unpredictable nature of their environment. Therefore their tents needed to be assembled and disassembled with ease, be compact and easy to transport. These shelters were symbols of hospitality to travellers, seeking refuge on their journeys through the Arab deserts and their harsh weather conditions.

Inspired by the above, South Africa, as the birthplace of the modern Bedouin tent, has revolutionised the Bedouin tent industry, by developing state of the art fabrics paired with engineering design, producing tent structures which can be safely constructed and used for a wide variety of applications, making them suitable for worldwide export. Our revolutionary stretch tents have covered weddings, baby showers, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, graduations, sports events, corporate events, festivals, market days, golf days, as well as funerals.

Bargain Bedouin Tents specialise in sourcing only the highest quality tent fabrics used for the manufacturing of our global standard Bedouin stretch tents. BB Tents are suitable for rental, personal use, and can be designed to specification for permanent installations. We offer a turnkey service from design to conversion of fabrics, and supply all necessary safety compliant gear necessary to achieve affordable quality stretch tent structures.

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