Whatever your tenting needs, BB Tents has you covered. We offer 3 types of polyester knit fabrics for a variety of different type of tent covering you need. We have BBTS FR Premium Flex Coated, BBTS Knitted 3-Ply, and BBT Lite 2 Ply PVC; all are flame retardant, waterproof, anti-fungal, and are UV treated. All the fabrics are available in a variety of colors to really match the aesthetic of your requirements.
The BBTS FR Premium Flex Coated fabric is made for permanent structures and has a life expectancy of 5-7 years with direct exposure. BBTS Knitted 3-Ply is a more semi-permanent option and its main appeal is its inner water proof membrane and extra memory retention which allows the fabric to retain it's properties after numerous set ups. The BBT Lite 2 Ply PVC is a new product for temporary to semi-permanent structures with a life expectancy of around 2 years, it is lightweight and more affordable.
BB Tents guarantees a quality covering for as long as you need it. The fabrics are made with the client’s comfort, convenience, and satisfaction in mind! Keeping you calm, cool, and covered is our main objective and with a durable fabric that job is a breeze.


Suitable for permanent structures. 720gm/mt stretch fabric for permanent and semi-permanent outdoor structures, made from a heavy duty, heat bonded PVC top layer onto Polyester knitted fabric that is easily cleaned. The product is 100% waterproof, fire retardant and UV protected, Teflon and fungal treated. It was first developed for more permanent structures, but has since been adapted for more regular use. It comes with a 2-year guarantee and is fully compliant with international safety standards. Life expectancy approx. 5 – 7 years’ direct exposure.


This is a more affordable 3-ply option for semi-permanent structures and has excellent durability. 3-ply 650 micron: Consists of 2 layers of Polyester knit, bonded with a 180 micron waterproof membrane. It is 100% waterproof, resistant to sun and UV rays and available in any colour. The PU membrane is more suitable as it retains its shape between pitches. It casts a 100% shadow. Colour Fastness, anti-fungal and UV treated, Teflon coated on both sides.



For temporary to semi-permanent applications, 100% polyester knit with a PVC coating 680gsm, UV inhibitor, flame retardant, waterproof and anti-fungal. Minimum 2-year life span

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