Shade tents are our speciality, we can create just what you need for your enjoyment. Our custom manufactured décor shade tents and shade canopies are available in a large array of colour schemes and size, and are fully printable. Designs are available with holes or without, in the style that your area or event requires. Suited perfectly, these allow for good relief from the sun, the preferred design at music festivals and outdoor events.

With a diverse range of uses available in a style suitable to luxury event or simple gathering, these are perfect for outdoor areas when weather is unpredictable. Adding atmosphere and ambiance to your area, shade tents are the perfect décor addition. Often seen at outdoor events and festivals, these shade tents are available in a number of styles and colours to perfectly match your theme.

These tents are suitable to create an atmosphere and shaded space for short term parties. They are easier to set up than Bedouin tents and are more affordable to purchase. Should you wish to hire or buy a shade stretch tent, don’t hesitate to contact us for a professionally executed final product. Stretch tents are supplied with aluminium poles, and pole caps, as well as steel pegs and suitable tension ropes.

Not just a provider of shade tents, BB Tents also cater to those needing to buy or rent Bedouin style tents for their events. With a selection that can ensure you get the highest quality tent, BB Tents has what you need in stretch tents, shade tents and décor.


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