Mistakes people make when purchasing tents

Having an event outdoors allows your guests to experience the beauty and tranquility that only nature can provide. But nothing is worse than being stuck outdoors and nature decides to throw a temper tantrum. Any event or activity that is held outside has to consider if the weather is not going to be perfect and comfortable for everyone. A tent that covers an area is the perfect solution to most outdoor event crises, but even that is not without challenges. When it comes to buying or renting tents, there are a few common mistakes that a lot of people make. Many people don’t consider or drastically overestimate the number of guest that can fit under a certain sized tent. Another common issue that arises is that people don’t consider the environment, weather, or climate on the day of the event. These issues can be easily avoided with the proper amount of information and preparation.
You make a guest list, send the invitations, your guests finally arrive on the day but it’s a very warm day. You planned for this and have a tented area for your guests to wait under and cool off, however the tent is a lot smaller than you thought it was going to be. Now your guests have to either cram under a small tent or take turns shuffling in and out from under the shade. That situation does not make for a happy crowd to have at your event. Making sure you have the correct size tent can prevent a variety of situations ranging from simple discomfort to someone getting a sunburn from not having access to good shade. When you work with BB Tents, we talk with you about the reason for the event, the number of people, and the proper size of tent to match those criteria. You have one less thing to worry about on the day of your event and your guests get to stay happy.
Maybe the most common reason people are seeking out tents for outdoor events is because the weather is uncontrollable. But what they might not consider is that there are a variety of tents and they each serve a different purpose. They might just think that they need to block the sun, but they might not get a tent that has ventilation, so while their guests are shaded they are still melting from the trapped heat. Or they don’t have the proper tent type for an event on a cooler evening, some tents aren’t made to have space heaters under them. While you can check and track the weather to the best of your ability, having a tent that is versatile and can meet all needs is import for any type of weather.
When it comes to event planning, there are so many small details that you need to keep track of. Having the proper tent almost always falls to the back ground, but don’t let yourself make the common mistakes. BB Tents will work with you to find the perfect tent for any event to take one thing off your plate and have your event, and you, be cool, dry, calm, and collected.

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