The ultimate tent buying guide

Things need to be considered before buying a bedouin stretch tent
Interior space and dimensions
Interior space is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a tent. It you buy a tent that’s too small, it means that your space will be limited and everyone will be miserable due to lack of space. On the other hand, if you make the mistake of purchasing a tent that happens to be too large, then you’ll be paying for space you don’t need. Most tent manufacturers will list recommended square meter space and the number of people it can comfortably accommodate in the tent, based on seating plan. However, you’ll need a lot more information than that when trying to figure out the ideal tent size. For instance, find out the dimensions of the floor space available, the space each person needs, whether you require any extra room for moving around or storing extra gear, dancefloors, bars, or catering areas. The height of the tent is generally worked out based on best rigging practice, but it can also be set up to suit the available space.
The size of the tent needed is determined by the amount of people you want to accommodate. Normally 5 x 10m will accommodate up to 50 pax, 8 x 12m will accommodate up to 80 pax and 10 x 15m will accommodate up to 150pax
Consider quality: Quality is the main characteristic when you’re starting or already in the hiring business because you need a tent that is going to last for a long period of time, be strong and resilient. High quality material is essential, however, the construction, stitching, welding techniques are vital, these are the elements in manufacturing, which determine the best quality on the tent market. Do your research on fabrics available, and avoid inferior quality, rather choose heavy duty coated or premium 3 ply material to ensure the best longevity of your tent. Look at the corner reinforcements and stitching in the construction of the tent, the strength of the webbing tabs and how they are attached. Consider the following factors: UV resistance, waterproofing, fire ratings, anti-fungal treatments, coating, expected life span and special fittings.
Custom design: Before buying a tent you must consider the place where your stretch tent will be erected, whether it is a temporary structure or permanent. Will it need to be attached to a building, or be free standing. How long is it expected to last?
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